Essential guide to 360learning LMS platform for business e-learning

Your company has finally conquered the fax. Mobile phones and their app’s are no longer a problem. However, there may be some concepts that still confuse you a bit, especially now that your employees begin to do everything with the help of the mobile and they no longer like to spend so much time in a classroom waiting for a training. It is here when the term of 360learning LMS begins to take importance in your company, but what is it?  If you have more than clear that your company needs a 360learning LMS platform to train your employees but you are still not very clear about what it is and what it does, today is your lucky day, because that is exactly what we are going to explain in this post. We have prepared an essential guide to 360learning LMS platform for business e-learning. After reading this post, the way you train your employees will not be the same and they will thank you.

What is 360learning LMS?

LMS is the acronym for Learning Management System. System, because it is a software or program in the cloud. Management, because it helps to organize, create, change, assign and grade courses. Learning, because it is used to teach courses or training programs. Just like Word helps you write documents and Gmail to manage your emails, an LMS software or platform is a program that helps create, manage and offer online courses or trainings to students. In this case, to your collaborators.

What is an LMS platform for?

To answer What is LMS,this system makes it possible for employers to offer much more interactive training to their employees and that they have access to said program either virtual or in person under the concept of a platform with a friendly, intuitive and flexible interface so that it can be used by team members regardless of whether they are managers, managers, supervisors or operational personnel at any time and place where they have an internet connection. An important feature of an LMS system training software is that it encourages online interaction and collaboration among members of the organization and has the potential to optimize the learning and training systems for employees since it largely adapts to needs of both the company and each of the individuals.

Advantages or benefits of 360learning LMS software for your company

Having online training courses to help employees expand their knowledge base has enormous benefits. The scope is not only unlimited, but it is also possible to learn from experts based in any part of the world and it is also much more profitable than investing in a face-to-face training.

Let’s see in detail some of the advantages or benefits of an LMS platform:

  • Reduce the costs associated with learning

The 360learning LMS or E-learning platform is a great help to reduce the costs associated with learning. Being an electronic platform and completely online, your company will be saving money on per diem, printed material, payment of instructors, etc. This type of expenses may seem insignificant at first, but once you are on board a platform like this and you count how much money could have been spent in a face-to-face training is when you start to see the money savings that can be invested in incentives for employees, improvements to the company’s facilities, etc.

  • It is a centralized system

Having an E-learning platform like 360learning LMS has the advantage that being a centralized system the training will be consistent in quality to all employees without differing by department or by person. With a system like this your company can create a virtual learning environment that will be identical for each student , establish the order of the modules, create time limits, share resources and ensure that nothing is lost in the process.

  • Unlimited access

Another of the most important advantages of an LMS platform is that it allows access 24 hours a day, any day of the week and from any device connected to the Internet.

  • Reports

360learning LMS systems offer excellent reporting tools that allow administrators to see how well employees are in each electronic course. It is possible to see how fast they are going through them, what areas they are struggling with and what qualifications are about to expire.

 It makes learning simple and fun

For employees to take learning seriously, it is worth making sure it is as easy as possible. One of the biggest benefits of an LMS software is that it guarantees that each e-learning course works in exactly the same way. Employees will not have to waste time to familiarize themselves with each new course: they will already know exactly how the system works and will be able to directly access the course content.

  • It is a good way to engage employees

A good implementation of LMS and e-learning can be a rich source of services and knowledge, a place to meet, learn and share. In today’s changing world, it is correct and appropriate to ensure that your learning services meet the standards that inspire users. Implementing an E-learning platform is an opportunity to significantly impact employee engagement.

How to choose the right LMS platform for your company?

After reading all the benefits that an LMS platform can bring for your company, it is very likely that you are determined to implement one for your work team. Now that you have taken this important step, you need to consider implementing the system based on best practices. Here we share 6 tips to guide you in the challenge of selecting an LMS software for your company:

  1. Determine the objectives

What are the objectives you pursue when implementing an LMS platform? Before you start looking at system options, you need to be very clear about the competencies and / or skills that you hope to develop in your employees and align them to organizational goals. You must do this to avoid making an investment in acquiring the software and implementing it and then standing idly by saying: And now what do we do with this?

  1. Identify the requirements and functionalities you need in an LMS platform

It is essential that when looking at the functionalities of the LMS system options on the table, you are very clear about the minimum requirements that your company needs. For example, if you want to include tests, a live chatbox, exams, grades and a forum, then you need an LMS platform that supports these functions independently or with the help of add-ons. Generally, the LMS comes with a list of all its features and detailed descriptions, read them carefully.

  1. Consider the adaptability and flexibility of the system

Make sure that the system is able to adapt, modify and support the future needs of your company, only then can it be considered a successful investment.

  1. Evaluate suppliers

An important part in the implementation of an E-learning platform is the choice is a good provider. When evaluating the system provider, it is essential to investigate their experience in the sector, qualifications, success stories and knowledge. It is also important to ensure that the provider has post-implementation services, it is essential that you have a support team after implementing the system so that in the event of an eventuality with the system, it can be resolved immediately.

  1. Prices

Analyze if the cost of the LMS platform is fair for the features and functionalities it offers. It may happen that the platform has top-notch features, but it is not exactly what your company needs. If an LMS platform is economically viable, optimal and robust depends on the coincidence of the characteristics and requirements of your company.

  1. Ask for a demo

Ask the selected supplier for a demonstration that allows you to know how the tool works live, this will help you ensure that the features and features are what you are looking for. A demonstration is also a great opportunity to know the interface, usability, and accessibility of the system.  The idea is that both you and your end users feel comfortable with the system and are willing to use it on a day-to-day basis.

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