Privacy Policy

Our Company does not gather or share individual details. We do not track or profile you.

The longer variation: Our Company is highly devoted to safeguarding the privacy of its user neighborhood and is committed to making sure that your search details cannot be connected back to you.

This privacy policy information the – extremely minimal and non-personal – details (” Our Company “) might collect and our disclosure policy.

Exactly what is “Personal Information”

Details are considered as individual when it informs something about a human who is or can be (distinctively) determined.

This meaning comes from European law, which uses to Our Company and is purposefully broad to offer a high level of privacy defense.

IP Addresses

The IP address that relates to your search will NOT be taped or shared.

To avoid the undesirable possibility that anything you ever look for online might be traced back to you by means of your IP-address, we do not tape-record or share the IP address of any of our visitors.

The only exception is for “violent” (automated) queries that quickly send more questions to Our Company in a brief time than any typical human perhaps would.

Information Collection

We do not gather any individual info about our visitors.

This is a very first and crucial condition to secure your privacy. If individual details aren’t really gathered, it cannot be taken, required, dropped or exposed.

The only info we do record is an aggregate overall of how lots of searches are carried out on our site each day (a procedure of total traffic), and, some other strictly non-personal stats. Such data might consist of the variety of times our service is accessed by a kind of running system, a kind of internet browser, a language, and so on– or a mix thereof.

We just count the numbers and remain in no other way able to understand exactly what your OS, web browser, language settings, etc. might be because we do not tape-record that info.

When you use Our Company, we do not tape-record your IP address, we do not tape the web browser gotten in touch with your search (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and so on), the computer system platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, and so on) gotten in touch with your search, and we do not tape-record your search words or expressions themselves.

This no individual information collection policy safeguards your privacy, given that your IP address, internet browser, and platform details can be integrated with other information to distinctively determine your computer system, your area, or you.

Please note that search questions might communicate individual details (think about somebody entering their own name and/or social security number). We do not tape your search inquiries, all inquiries are sent to Google anonymously, as this is needed to get search outcomes.